My Dream Tropical Mood Board For This Year

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Dream Tropical Mood Board

First things first, let me start by saying – I can’t wait for this covid-19 madness to be over, so we can get on with our lives. The unfortunate part is, it looks like things are not going to be normal anytime before this year end. But ones gotta keep their spirts up, and drawing up my dream tropical mood board is how I maintain my sanity.

One things for sure. There is no going back to our normal ways of living anytime soon. In my case, that meant not being able to go to street markets and finding vintage or bohemian gems for my home.

But here’s what I have got. Lots and lots of plants at home. Plus, they are growing like there’s no tomorrow! Since it’s spring, its the season when there’s a rapid growth in plants. So one may see lots of new leaves blossoming and just an overall healthy growth pattern.

I have been a plant lover since a long time now. I also find plants to be the most cost effective way of doing up a house. If you have any kind of budgetary constraints, plants are the sure shot way of sprucing things up at minimal price.

In the past, I have recently done up two rooms in my house in two completely different styles:

  1. Colourful Boho Guest Bedroom
  2. An All White Master Bedroom

So now, I want to tackle the main room i.e. the hall/family room. It’s a big space, and I’m now leaning towards a tropical style decor for it. Hence, working on this dream tropical mood board.

So, What is Tropical Decor Style?

There are lot of themes that one hears about when you talk about home decor. For instance, bohemian style is all about colour. Scandinavian style is all about whites, and keeping things clean and simple. There’s also coastal theme, British colonial style, contemporary, modern and so on.

A tropical style is all about using natural colours, and elements like plants, sky, or anything that you find in nature. So the colours one would see in a typical tropical decor is lots of greens, off whites, browns not including accent pieces.

My Dream Tropical Mood board

A moodboard basically helps me to figure out what items go well with what. It gives you an idea about placement of furnitures with accent pieces, as well as the style of using different elements together.

Since I am living with a lot of indoor plant species, I wanted to figure out a way to place different plant types together in a room. So that they look in sync. For instance, here are some of the questions that I am thinking about:

  1. How do you place a plant with ginormous sized leaves with another plant with say tiny leaf patterns? Or
  2. What colours look good with different shades of greens?
  3. How to work with complimenting shades vs. how to play with contrasts in a small space?

So to figure all this out, I follow a bunch of Instagram accounts, and also use Pinterest like a stalker! Here’s some of the inspiration I’ve found:

H&M Home Tropical Decor Style

If there’s ever a dream guest bedroom, this has got to be it. I’m not too sure about the practicality of the room. But look how pretty that looks. My key takeaways from this look is:

  • This particular shade of green looks great with gold.
  • Wicker furniture works amazing with tropical decor.
  • And of course, there’s no going wrong with white. Ever. No matter what colours you choose.

Dinner Table Setup

I had seen these amazing weaved placemats when I was holidaying in Bali. I really wanted to pick those, but they were quite pricey. But now I’m thinking, I should’ve just picked those! They were exactly like the one in the picture. Some even better to be honest.

Placemats are easy way to add texture to the dining table look. All of us have some crockery at home. Crockeries are expensive, so naturally you can’t change them every now and then. But all other elements like cutlery, the table cloth itself, and the surrounding props can make a big difference to the look.

My key takeaways from this look is:

  1. To learnt he technique of layering.
  2. Also, how to add little props like a fallen plant leaf, or just extra fancy cutlery for decor.

I also know this. If you’re looking to add more leaves to your decor element, you can do with some fancy fake leaves. They are easily available in the west as compared to in India. But some online portals do sell these in India as well.

I personally am not the biggest fan of fake plants. I just feel like you can tell the minute it’s kept next to a real plant. That plus, fake plants catch so much dust, and it just shows. Just something about fake is just not fun.

Using One Single Big Plant As The Room Focal Point

What Are The Tropical Elements That Are Easy To Find In India?

  1. Plants of all kinds. Better to invest in all year round plants
  2. Bamboo Blinds/Chick
  3. Cane Furniture or any Cane Decor Pieces
  4. Rattan or Wicker Decor elements
  5. Wood Accents/Furniture

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