Top 3 Instagram Accounts For The Best Veg Food Inspiration

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Plant based food

Tired of having the same boring home food over and over again? Want to try out something new, but don’t know where to look. Then you’ve got to check out the Best Veg Food Inspiration available online on Instagram!

Ever since the nation wide lockdown due to covid-19, I find more and more reason to check out food accounts. Something to keep things interesting in the household. Some of you who follow @missnautitales on Instagram do enjoy the occasional food pictures I share on IG Stories.

So in this post, I thought let me share with you’ll where my veg food inspiration for food comes from. I follow a whole bunch of food accounts on Instagram. There are some fabulous food content up there.

Food made by @thezestylime

Sometimes it does feel overwhelming because we might not have all the key ingredients or our food might not look as presentable as on the gram. But the idea is to get inspired to go into the kitchen.

I don’t know about you, but during this lockdown, serving presentable food, even if it is the regular desi food gives me some kind of a kick. So, for all you veggie lovers out there, here’s a list of the Best Veg Food Inspiration you can find on Instagram.

Best Veg Food Inspiration Accounts To Follow

1. Your Food Lab by Sanjyot Keer

One of the best veg food inspiration you can find on the internet today is Your Food Lab. I have been following this account for months now, and it has changed my home cooking skills to another level !

If you really want to learn how to cook-cook, then this is the account you gotta follow. Your Food Lab is a desi account run by chef Sanjyot Keer and he’s all kinds of awesome. I absolutely swear by his recipes. He goes in absolute details when narrating how to go about making these delicious plates of food.

Although Your Food Lab is not vegetarian only account, they do have quite a bit of non-vegetarian recipes as well. In fact, their non-veg is even better I feel. But all their recipes are doable if you simply follow the steps correctly.

Especially these days when we cannot dine out or order food from different food delivery options around us, it makes sense to try and experiment restaurant standard food recipes from this account. It gives you all the hacks on how to achieve that restaurant look, and taste. You can decide to make these dishes as homemade vs as restaurant like as you wish for.

2. Vegan Feed | Vegan Recipes by @vegspirationfeed

If there is one account that I stalk daily it’s this one. Even if most of the dishes on the account seem impossible to recreate- be it for the lack of ingredients, or the sheer effort it might take.

But most of us have vegetarian food throughout the week. So it makes sense to know what options are out there. I love following YouTube tutorials when it comes to actual cooking. But following Instagram accounts gives me the idea of what to really search for cooking, if that makes sense. For all those exploratory research, vegspirationfeed is the best veg food inspiration account out there today.

There are a whole lot of vegetarian Instagram accounts out there. But what I like most about this account is that they also share a bunch of doable vegetarian recipes. Some Indian recipes as well. So that’s a big bonus. That plus the gorgeous presentation, I mean you got to see it.

Here’s some of the recipes that I feel we can all do at our homes.

Simple Dal Chawal, Cauliflower Makhani & Chole !

We can all do this, right? Usually what I do is, whenever I see a picture and I know I have the ingredients at home, I simply YouTube the recipe. After that, it’s just a matter of presenting it with other coloured veggies or accompaniments for the decor aspect.

It doesn’t turn out the way it looks in these pictures, but you get a meal in front of you, and that’s one day sorted.

For a more fancy dinner, you can try the following recipe looks. They are still easy to do, just require a significant amount of veggies to be chopped.

Stir Fry Veggies With Rice

Panner In Sweet & Spicy Sticky Sauce

If all else fails, you can always rely on paneer/tofu. Just dice them up, and fry them in some oil with whatever yummy sauce you have in the fridge. It’s the quickest, easiest and tastiest option to work with in vegetarian food menu.

3. Vegan Bowls™ | Vegan Recipes by @veganbowls

If you’re someone who is fed up of cleaning more and more crockeries and cutleries, then try following the vegan bowl method. It’s a one bowl per person per meal option that’s so much in trend these days. Plus it looks good when you combine all your cooking in one dish, doesn’t it?

Simple Brown Fried Rice In A Bowl

If you see this dish, it’s actually a Japanese fried rice recipe. But the only things I take from this picture are the kind of veggies used, the sort of chopping done and the presentation. We can all make fried rice, right? But looking at a picture like this, gives us a different perspective of tweaking things up.

Creamy Pasta With Chickpeas

We have all made pasta, but have we ever made pasta with chickpeas? At least I haven’t. Pages like Vegan Bowls gives so many different ideas on how to make ingredients at home work. Especially during this cover-19 quarantine, it’s not possible to have everything at home.

It then makes sense to know that something out of the ordinary like this perfect dish can be done. The best part is, if you really want to experiment, every single picture on these Instagram accounts share the recipe in the caption.

Best Veg Food Inspiration From Desi New Yorker Chef @rainbowplantlife

Bonus: You can also follow @rainbowplantlife by Nisha Vora for all vegan recipes. I saw some amazing mouth watering desi food on her Insta page. Plus, she is a published author as well! So you know you’re going to get some amazing cooking content from her account as well.

The featured image of Malai Kofta is her creation! I’m definitely going to give that one a try. Let me know which recipe are you going to try in your kitchen.

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