West Nusa Penida Day Trip | The Ultimate Guide

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Nusa Penida Day Trip

If you’re planning to holiday in Bali, chances are you’ve heard of Nusa Penida island. It’s one of the most popular one to two night destination that holidayers usually include in their Bali itinerary. If you too are planning a Nusa Penida Day Trip, then this blog post is going to help you with the following information:

  • Why choose Nusa Penida? Specifically why West Nusa Penida?
  • The Top Things To See On Your West Nusa Penida Day Trip
  • A Step By Step Guide To Plan Your Nusa Penida Day Trip
  • How to do prior bookings – transport, car hire, tickets etc

If you’re undecided on whether to do a one night, or two to three nights at Nusa Penida, then check my blog post link below. It’ll give you an idea of all the things you can expect at Nusa Penida including the best sightseeing options.

Nusa Penida: How To Get There And What To Expect

Why Choose Nusa Penida? Specifically Why West Nusa Penida?

  • Perfect location to see everything in one day
  • Includes adventures, beaches, scenery
  • Most preferred tourist spots

If you want to see and experience everything in one day, then west Nusa Penida is the right option for you. From gorgeous beaches, hikes, to snorkelling activity and gorgeous scenery all around, West Nusa Penida is a hot favourite for tourists.

The ferry that will bring you to Nusa Penida islands has a harbour in North West Nusa Penida. If you’re doing a Nusa Penida Day Trip, it then makes sense to cover the west area to make the most of your time.

The terrain on the island is pretty rough. So even a short distance takes hours to reach. To give you an example, for a 20km stretch from west to east can take you anywhere from 2 to 3 hours by road! That’s crucial time lost if you just have a day to spend on the island.

Ferry Boat Details

  • The first ferry boat starts around 8:00-8:30 am
  • The last ferry boat back from Nusa Penida Islands leaves at 5:00 pm
  • The travel distance to reach Nusa Penida is about 45 mins to an hour

Given you have this information, you should know that you’ll only have about time from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm to explore Nusa Penida. So planning your trip especially managing time is crucial.

First things first. I bet you want to know what all you can see and do in West Nusa Penida. So here’s the list.

Top Things To See On Your West Nusa Penida Day Trip

  • Kelingking Beach
  • Angels Billabong
  • Broken Beach
  • Crystal Bay

These four destinations can be divided in two parts. The first three destinations on the list are next to each other. So once your private car/shuttle is parked, you can cover Kelingking beach, Angels Billabong and Broken Beach on foot. Mind you it will take you a significant time to cover these three spots.

Kelingking Beach

  • Highlight of West Nusa Penida
  • Gorgeous beach & spectacular views
  • Significant hike to reach the beach. Quite tough

One of the most iconic spots in all of Nusa Penida is the Kelingking beach. The place where your car is parked is on a hill top. So when you walk towards Kelingking you still get to see the beach from the top.

The hike to the beach shore is a long long journey. About 1 hour plus one way. I don’t think you will have the time or the luxury to go down Kelingking beach. So instead you can walk a few steps down where the crowd reduces, and click pictures and overall have a good time.

To go down to Kelingking beach, you need to have a minimum of 3 hours with you. Two hours to go up and down, and another hour to actually enjoy the beach.

Best Time To Visit Kelingking Beach

  • During sunrise or sunset

Nusa Penida gets quite hot during the day. It’s extremely humid throughout the day. Afternoons are probably the worst time to be out on the island. Unfortunately if you’re doing a Nusa Penida Day Trip, you will miss out on sunrise and sunset on the island. It just isn’t possible to be on the island during those hours.

Kelingking beach, again because it’s a steep walk down takes considerable sweat and energy to reach down. It’s because of this, that most tourists simply see it from the top.

Angels Billabong & Broken Beach

  • Arched tunnel in the cliffs
  • Not recommended to dive or swim here
  • Right next to each other

I personally loved Angels Billabong & Broken Beach just to see the waves come and go. It’s amazing. Every now and then a big wave hits and you can actually get soaked even if you’re quite a distance away.

There’s nothing much to do here. It’s just a sightseeing spot. Pretty decent and you can cover this within an hour or so.

If you really-really want to hike down to Kelingking beach, you can take out 3 hours to do that, and finish these two spots in under 1 hour.

Please note that none of the above three locations are safe to swim in.

Crystal Bay Beach

Crystal Bay is a short drive away from Kelingking beach. The beach is known for snorkelling activity. If you’re into adventures and want to experience corals, then I highly recommend doing this. It is pretty safe and the perfect place to go even if you’re a beginner. To know more about Crystal Bay Beach snorkelling, check the link below:

Crystal Bay Beach Nusa Penida | My First Time Snorkelling

Crystal Bay has a bunch of spots on its own for snorkelling. Here are the more famous ones that you can opt for:

If you are a beginner in snorkelling, then go for:
  • Crystal Bay
  • Gamat Bay
If you have done snorkelling before, and are open to scuba diving in rough sea, then go for
  • Manta Bay – To see Manta Rays & Mola Mola Sunfish

Usually, you’ll get to choose a package of two or three destinations clubbed for snorkelling. It is usually a one to two hour experience. If you’re not the kind who wants to do this, then instead you can stick to Kelingking and actually spend a good time there. There are a bunch of cafes and restaurants as well that you can chill at.

P.S. Crystal Bay Beach is not a pretty beach to see compared to Kelingking. Crystal bay is actually full of coral shells on the beach, and it’s a grey beach. So if you’re not interested in the activities, coming here might not make much sense for you.

Now that we have seen what you can cover in Nusa Penida in a day, here’s how you can plan your Nusa Penida Day Trip.

Step By Step Guide To Plan Your Nusa Penida Day Trip

  • How To Do Ferry Bookings?
  • How To Hire A Private Car?
  • Nusa Penida Package Tours
  • Nusa Penida Activity Bookings

Before you get into any kind of bookings, here’s what I’ve learnt from my personal experience in Bali.

Check The Weather Before Finalising Your Nusa Penida Travel Dates

This is probably the most important information you need to keep in check. Bali usually has the most unpredictable weather both on the mainland as well on the islands. For example, a rainy day is not a good day to choose to explore Nusa Penida islands. You want to stick to a dry, hot day instead.

Roads are bad, tide will be an issue. If you travel on a wrong day, things can go really bad. In fact, forget experience, your ferry might not leave to take you to the island.

So with this uncertainty, how do you go about your bookings?

Try Booking Through Klook

  • Book full day cabs, ferry rides, airport pickup drops etc
  • Get package deals for day trips based on your destination
  • Bookings can be done as late as just 24 hours before the scheduled tour.
  • Easiest, hassle free method of booking
  • They are reliable.

It’s an app that you can download onto your phone. We’ve personally used Klook extensively for all kinds of Bali bookings. In fact, we even used Klook when we booked any tickets for Singapore tours.

Klook provides with multiple options for Nusa Penida Day Trip. You can choose which region you wish to visit. Whether it is east Nusa Penida, West or South, they have multiple options. They also give out the complete itinerary from hotel pick up to drop in the evening.

If you want someone else to take the headache of taking you around, making sure you’re taken care of completely, then this is the best option to go for. Especially if you have children or are in a big group, this makes planning pretty easy.

If you’re not too comfortable making bookings online prior to your travel. Then don’t worry. In our case, the weather looked a bit unpredictable, so we couldn’t book through Klook either.

Here’s what you can do, and what we did.

How To Do Ferry Bookings?

  • Ferry bookings usually include pick up & drop from the hotel. So check that from the travel agency.

Depending on which part of Bali you’re in, find a travel agency. You’ll get multiple ones easily available all around Bali. Almost every place from Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta etc have pick up and drop back to the hotel option available.

Ask them about Nusa Penida ferry booking including pick up and drop. It actually comes in a package deal. I don’t remember exact prices but they are pretty standard across.

Charges For Cab Ride From Bali to Sanur

When we decided to do Nusa Penida, we were staying in Ubud. It was late around 8:00 pm when we thought let’s just do it. So we went around and enquired in 3-4 travel agencies for bookings and we managed to find a driver, cab that would take us to Sanur for about IDR 300,000 ~ approx USD 18.

Very safe. We took the travel agents number and paid the amount in full. The cab driver called us an hour before departure to confirm the booking, and the whole process was pretty smooth.

The amount was just for the drop from Ubud to Sanur. It did not include the ferry ride cost.

Ferry Bookings

  • Book either through Klook or on the spot.

There are tons and tons of ferry rides available every half hour through Sanur. Mind you, there is a massive crowd that goes to and fro to Nusa Penida. So if you have the chance to book your ferry ride prior to your trip, that’ll be great.

But nonetheless, if you miss out on making bookings, you can easily book on the spot as well. There are multiple small boats that have ticketing counters to take you to Nusa Penida.

Ferry Timings

  • First Boat to Nusa Penida leaves by 8:00 am
  • Last Boat to Nusa Penida leaves around 12 noon

Private Car Booking For Nusa Penida

Once you’ve landed at Nusa Penida, you will need a private car to take you around. There are options for shuttle as well if you’re a big group. We had not booked a cab before landing at Nusa Penida. So initially we were quite anxious whether we’ll find a transport to take us around.

But let me tell you this. Finding a driver with a good SUV air conditioned car was pretty easy. The minute you land on the island, drivers will scout you on their own. You don’t really have to do much other than negotiate a fair price.

Sharing the contact details of our driver Suparta from Nusa Penida. We found him and booked him directly after landing at Nusa Penida. Suparta took us around east and west Nusa Penida for a duration of two days. He’s pretty good.

Private Car Charges For Nusa Penida Day Trip

  • Anywhere from IDR 600,000 to IDR 850,000 ~ Approx USD 36 to USD 50

Drivers are reliable. You do not need to pay the amount in advance. Once your trip has ended, only then make the full payment.

Activity Bookings

Apart from Crystal Bay snorkelling, you do not need to make any prior bookings. Crystal Bay beach snorkelling packages are available on Klook. You can choose to prepay the amount either through your full day package which includes the activity, or separately as well.

In case you haven’t made any snorkelling activity bookings, but want to on the spot, that can be done as well. Prices are pretty standard. You might end up paying slightly more or less depending upon the traffic that day, your negotiation skills etc.

There’s a ticketing booth at Crystal Bay beach which is open for all snorkelling bookings. You can book a private guide, private boat everything from here itself.

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