How To Use Colours In A Guest Bedroom | Spring 2020 Tour

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Guest Bedroom

Summer is almost here, and I thought I should roll out this Guest Bedroom Tour super soon before I change it up again. Our guest bedroom was the first room I tackled when we moved into this apartment back in November 2019.

What Did This Guest Bedroom Look Like Before?

When we first came to see this apartment, this room was in ruins. Literally. There was seepage on the walls, and the whole place had a stinky dog smell. I don’t even want to start with the dog hair. It was dingy with barely sufficient lighting, and overall was quite depressing.

I don’t have a single picture clicked of the room from back then. Honestly, I don’t even want to recall what it looked like before. But I knew this. If I don’t tackle it quick, I was not entering this room. So with that in mind, this guest bedroom ended up becoming the first room we “fixed”.

The Initial ‘Fixes’ In The Guest Bedroom

The first thing we did was get the room, in fact the whole house painted and whitewashed. We chose the colour ivory (white) for the whole house. I am not a big fan of wall colours. So white was a pretty good/safe option to stick to.

Once the room was painted, it made such a big difference to the whole area. We also then realised this room gets the maximum sunlight and that too throughout the day. I knew it then, it would make the perfect guest bedroom.

It’s a blessing if you have natural light coming into your house. Makes a big difference to the overall vibe of the place. Plus, you don’t have to break your head on too much functional lighting.

Placement Of The Bed

For any room to look well put together, the first thing to figure out is the placement of your bed. It’s the biggest piece of furniture that would go in any bedroom. So you’ve got to get its placement right.

For this room, there was only one wall which was end to end. The other side had the bathroom door which wouldn’t work. The third wall had the main guest bedroom door, so that felt quite squished. So we knew which wall to place the bed on.

Theme Of The Guest Bedroom

The theme behind this Guest Bedroom Tour is boho. I love colours, always have and I knew I wanted a bright, sunny, lively room in the house. So what better place to have that than the guest bedroom.

The one thing I’ve figured out about bedrooms is that you can do anything with your master bedroom, and your spare rooms, but your guest bedroom needs a bit of thinking. You never know who might be occupying the room. So you’ve gotta keep it easy to clean, universally appealing and easy to maintain. It’s also one room where you can go a little crazy with decor elements, and get away with basic functionality. I mean a pretty room needs some sacrifice, right?

If you’ve missed the tour of our spring summer master bedroom, check out the link below:

Tour Of My Airbnb Inspired Master Bedroom For Spring 2020

So Why a Boho Guest Bedroom?

A bohemian style is all about colours, different patterns, and not having to follow any particular decor or design rule. Bohemian homes are typically full of life, culture, and include interesting items from different parts of the world.

In my head, colour blocking was a quick and easy way to hide any spills, stains or camouflage a dusty corner for that matter. I know yuck, right? What am I talking?! Does that mean my guests are sleeping in a rotting place. Lol no! But think about it. A room like the guest bedroom which doesn’t typically get occupied daily is not something that you would broom, and clean on a regular daily basis. At least I don’t.

Since this was our first room “to-be-fixed-fixed“, we didn’t particularly set aside a budget for its decor. We already had a bunch of furniture, furnishings, and decor pieces in our collection. All very very colourful. It would have been a massive waste if we didn’t use that.

It almost felt like, I had my own shop-at-home, where I could pick and place items in this first bedroom. So once it got done, it just turned out to be a boho guest bedroom.

How To Use Colours That Work Well With Each Other

I know most of us already have certain home items, be it decor or essentials in our collection. It could be from a previous house, an impulse sale purchase, or just some gift pieces lying around. I too had a bunch of things that I somehow had to work with.

From whatever little decor education I’ve absorbed from the internet, here’s what I’ve learnt.

Start Either From Your Curtains, Or Your Carpet In The Room

I learnt this from interior designer Rebecca Robeson after watching her Fix it Friday series on YouTube. They are really old videos, but they are absolute gold in terms of learning.

These are two things that can’t be as easily replaced. Curtains and carpets unlike say a bedding, or cushion covers etc. So you gotta work with the permanent options first.

If you have any pre-existing curtains, then start from there. Simply google what colours compliment what and you’ll be able to establish a colour palette. Luckily with boho themes, colour palettes are not really a mandate. So you can somewhat get away with contrasts and non-complimenting colours as well.

Another thing you can start with is art work. If you have a statement art work piece that you want to bring as your focus point, then start from there. Pick the colours from your art/canvas and that can become your colour scheme to work with.

Establish Your Base Colours

In my case, we already had this beautiful sheer embroidered curtains from my mum-in-laws collection. It had the colours orange, beige and white. So that became my base colours, to start with.

Once I knew I had orange, white and beige in my colour scheme, I decided to include that somewhere in the room to make everything sing together. I looked through some of my stuff and found some bedding which had similar shades.

Now you don’t have to get the exact same colours, coz that’s a big ask. So similar shades in brighter or duller looks can also work.

If You Have Art Work, Hang It Up

Art work, be it of any kind is a great way of cozying up any room. In the beginning when the room was painted, it just looked one big white room. There was nothing in it. The minute I added the bed and the curtains, it started to give me an idea of what more needed to be added.

I knew for sure, the walls looked empty as hell. We had recently come back from our Bali trip, and I had picked out a whole bunch of art work, and other decor pieces from there. Looking at those items, I knew I wanted to incorporate them in the room somehow.

So I started with a painting first. I had one big wall that was plain empty. It had an ugly tube light installed and I wanted to hide it somehow. So instead I brought the focal point on the painting.

The art I chose was black and white village canvas art. The reason for putting a black and white art piece was to sober up the colour pop going on in the room. I didn’t want people to feel blind sighted when they entered the room. So this gave a good break from that.

I also had a yellow red Bali hat that we bought from a local store in Bali. It somehow went well with the overall colour scheme. So that was another piece of art I added to the room.

Cushions Are The Best Invention In The World

I am that crazy cushion lady who had 10,000 cushions on each bed, and still goes out hunting for more cushions. I just can’t do without them. Sometimes my bed looks like a pile of cushions and I love it. Guilty.

I love them not just for the decor aspect, but from a functional point of view too. We don’t have a backrest on any of our beds, so cushions kind of help in that. That + I have a bad cervical problem, so I need multiple cushions at all times to keep my shoulder and elbow on support. Win-win you see.

But leaving my reasons for having cushions, I can tell you this. Cushions are the easiest decor items with which you can play around in a room. They are budget friendly, and the easiest to change up with different seasons.

Since we hung up a black and white painting, I wanted to include more black and white shades in other parts of the room as well.

I added two sets of black and white cushion covers that I already had previously. It just fit right in like a puzzle. The remaining colourful cushions were the last thing I added once everything else was in place. Again, nothing was bought specifically for the room. Just worked with whatever cushion covers I had.

If You Can’t Make Sense Of Anything That I Said Till Now, Just Add Plants !

Living things go well with everything. Whether it is your pet, or your plant. Try and include them in your decor. If I had a pet, I would make sure my pet is sitting in every single shot for this guest bedroom tour 😀

I’m not a big fan of empty rooms. Even after adding some art work, cushions, bedding etc, the room felt kinda empty. That’s when I brought in my hero element of the room. Plants! And lots of them.

Remember the time, when I told you guest bedrooms can do with basic functionality. Well, instead of having ‘functional’ side-tables, I simply used our side tables for resting my plants.

The husband was not happy. Obviously. These were our main bedroom side-tables, and the husband badly wanted these tables to keep his endless number of chai cups on them. So simply getting rid of them from our room was a big win. For me.

I took the side tables and simply covered it up with layers of plants. Layering different plants together just gives that illusion of having put in efforts, and viola, I think the Guest Bedroom looks pretty nice. Doesn’t it?

It also helped that I pre-owned a bunch of ceramic pots with different prints and colours on them. You get those very easily here in Delhi NCR. They cost minimal and look super cute. I also added a bunch of decor pieces we bought when we were holidaying in South Africa.

So the giraffe, and the two happy tribal humans were great additions next to the plants. It’s like they are in their own village, with greenery all around, and wildlife. See what I did there. Its a jungle theme.

So, How Many Different Plant Types Do I Have In This Guest Bedroom?

Let’s see. Here’s the list:

  • Two small money plants hanging from the plant holder
  • One tiny snake plant which also apparently purifies the air.
  • One crazy big syngonium plant
  • One areca palm
  • One grass plant – not sure of the official name

Lastly, Get Your Lighting Right

Functional lighting is one thing. But what really makes a room sing is the ambient lighting. Lighting is also a form of adding colour to your room. But try not to go crazy with lighting colours. Something like warm whites, yellows look great in all kinds of decor.

I hate the white tube light kind of light. It just kills the mood. But they are also kind of required if you have guests who are elderly, or if someone wants to read in the room. For all other purposes, try adding lampshades, lanterns, hanging lights anything.

I’m not going to get into where to add what lighting coz that’s a whole another topic. But do add some. It’ll make a big difference.

List Of All The Items In The Room, Where They Have Been Picked From, And Cost?

  • All cushion covers – Lajpat Nagar Market
  • Big black and white, and blue cushion covers – INR 300 each
  • Smaller cushions – Range from INR 100-250 each
  • Curtains, Bed, Bedding and Bed Covers – Mum in Law’s collection
  • Black & White Art Work – Sukawati Market, Bali for about INR 2500
  • Peacock art work over the bed – Bought from Pipli, Odisha – not sure of the price.
  • Plant Pots – Banjara Market, Gurgaon for INR 100-150
  • Lampshades – Mum in Law’s collection
  • Curtain Rod Plant Holders – bought from Love Anchor Canggu Bali, for INR 700
  • Wicker Laundry Baskets – Lajpat Nagar Market – INR 1400 for 2

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