Love Anchor Canggu | A Pretty Arts And Craft Bazaar In Bali

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Love Anchor Canggu

Bali as much as its known for its beaches and villas, is also known for it’s shopping. Affordable shopping that is! When I researched about shopping in Bali, the first name that popped on my screen was Ubud. Almost everyone only yaps about Ubud. But I dug deeper and found this super cutesy looking place called Love Anchor Canggu.

Love Anchor Canggu is an arts and craft market located in the south coast of Bali. When we planned our Bali trip, I was dead sure not to travel in a low cost airline – primarily so I could shop-shop. So instead we chose Thai Airways which allowed us 60kgs of baggage. You know what that meant – definite shopping on the itinerary.

What Does Bali Have To Offer In Terms Of Shopping?

Honestly, everything that you can hope for. Whether you’re looking for street fashion or home decor items, Bali has it all. But to give you a more detailed idea about categories you can shop for in this shopping paradise, list is below:

  • Dream catchers – Bali’s signature item. You’ll find this everywhere.
  • Wooden kitchen essentials – Chopping boards, serving trays, bowls, spoons, wooden carved placemats etc
  • Bags – Totes, jute bags, Bali’s signature round purses and the variety is just infinite.
  • Bedding – You see those Pinterest white crochet tassels cushion covers, bed spreads etc? You get those here. You also get swings made out of crochet (it’s called crochet, right?), all kinds of decor hangings etc.
  • Paintings – There are specific art markets where you buy art. We bought 11 paintings from Sukawati Art Market which is close by to Ubud.

The only thing you need to remember about Bali shopping is bargaining. The more you can bargain the better. Now, you might ask, what is the extent of bargaining? I don’t have a particular price that I can tell you. But here’s what I did. Initially I just browsed through what’s available in these street markets, casually asked prices and kept my ears open. Whenever anybody picked anything, or the shop guy yelled his final price, I just took a mental note of it. It helps, because as foreigners we have no way of knowing how much to pay for souvenirs and other gift items.

I Found Love Anchor Canggu To Be Better Than Ubud Art Market! Seriously.

Think of Love Anchor Canggu as a mini Ubud market. While Ubud art market is more like a long street with shops on each side, Love Anchor Canggu is a closed setup. You have everything from souvenir shops, to restaurants and other knick knacks in one building.

So why did I like this market more than Ubud?

  • I got a better bargain here than in Ubud.
  • Less options, but better options.

To be fair, the initial price quoted at Love Anchor Canggu for everything is much higher than in Ubud Art Market. Their starting prices are exorbitantly high. But because the area is quite small, if you simply go round the stalls again and again, they just slash the price. *true story* Or maybe I just got lucky.

Every single stall at love anchor is different. So you won’t find the same thing in two different stalls. That makes life easy and sometimes tough too. If you’re stuck on an item, it’s all about who wants it more? Does the seller just want to sell it off, or do you really want it at any price whatsoever?

In Ubud Art Market, the one mistake I did was kept going ahead waiting to find something better. What this did was irritated the vendor and when I came back to buy any piece, nobody was ready to slash the prices. They knew we loved their item more than anything else available in the market, and you can’t do much then.

What Time Did We Reach Love Anchor?

We were there around 7:30 ish and spent like two hours here. We experienced the sunset at Canggu beach and then drove down to Love Anchor. From the beach it’s about five minute drive.

Since we reached late, we had limited time. I’m sure the place was shutting down in the next couple of hours. The best part was we found most of the people here were pretty willing to come down on their prices.

Layout of Love Anchor

This amazing picture above just gives out all the details. It’s exactly the layout of this market. Small, and cute but with lots and lots of character. The minute you Love Anchor Canggu, oh, you’ll just feel the love. The lighting, the little cute stores, with all the pretty trinkets around, its like candy land for shoppers.

In fact, it’s gorgeous right from the time you see in from across the street. Beautiful lighting, lots of restaurants and cafes lined up next to it. It’s a great vibe. Canggu in general is a pretty nice place to hang out. It’s a small coastal village known for its amazing surf beaches. So everyone from families, to young kids learning to surf – all of them hang out here. Very easy going, lively.

So What Did We Shop At Love Anchor Canggu?

I personally picked the following items from this market. Also sharing prices below:

  • Tote Bags for approx IDR 100,000 ~ USD 7 each
  • Crochet set of 2 plant holders for IDR 150,000 ~ 10 USD (pic inserted)
  • Bali round bags like the one in the picture for IDR 90,000 ~ USD 6. I got a total of six bags hence the bargain price.

Love Anchor Canggu Timings & Other Details

  • Opening Hours: 9:00 – 23:00
  • Tel: (0361) 9091276
  • WA: 081138888557

Who Should Visit This Art Market?

Women definitely. In my case, my husband also enjoyed the place quite a bit. It wasn’t all that crowded + his wife didn’t get lost in the market. So it was a relatively easy place for him to be in.

But jokes aside, even if you’re not too much into shopping, it’s a nice place to simply visit. There are lots of decor and art details if you like that sort of a thing. You can also enjoy the nearby restaurants and just get a vibe of the village here.

Canggu as an area is a cool place to holiday in. There are lots of activities that you can be a part of. It’s very Goa like. People in shorts, riding their bikes, music all day long, slow and easy.

What Else Can You Do Here Besides Shopping?

  1. Take surfing lessons by the beach
  2. Enjoy a day out at the beach
  3. Enjoy the sunset with live music by the beach
  4. Great food all around

If you have a couple of days to spend on the southern coast of Bali, then you can take surf lessons here at Canggu. Almost every second or third shop had gorgeous surf boards on display. I didn’t know how to swim, so instead I just posed with a whole lot of surf boards.

In fact, something we found quite amusing was seeing lots of people carrying surf boards in Bali airport. We ourselves had a big roll of canvases (we bought 11 paintings) so we were quite worried how to carry it back on the flight. But thanks to others ginormous surf boards, authorities didn’t even bat an eye while passing our luggage through security 🙂

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