Puri Yalus Bungalow – The Best Location To Stay In Nusa Penida

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Puri Yalus Bungalow

You know how Bali is known for its villas, and amazing properties to stay in. All of those things are so true! Bali is one destination where you can live luxuriously while still being on a budget. Puri Yalus Bungalow was our budget accommodation at Nusa Penida. We spent a night here and two full days exploring the island. It was probably my favourite stay in all of Bali.

During my initial research before travelling to Bali, I read all about Nusa Penida. The island as gorgeous as it is, lacked basic amenities in certain accommodations. So most of the cottage and bungalow stays had mixed reviews. Either only the property was pretty to look at, but food was so-so, or the pool wasn’t that clean and so on. There was always something or the other mentioned on the internet.

How Did I Go About Choosing Puri Yalus Bungalow For Our Stay?

Before I get to Puri Yalus Bungalow, you need to know where this property is located. Puri Yalus Bungalow is just a 5 minute walking distance from Crystal Bay Beach which is in the west of Nusa Penida island. Crystal Bay Beach for those of you unaware is a popular tourist spot for snorkelling activities. The place includes popular snorkelling spots like Gamat Bay and Manta Bay, which is the best place to see manta rays.

When planning our two day trip to Nusa Penida, we had the option to stay either on the east Nusa Penida side or the west. East Nusa Penida had the amazing Diamond Beach and some other sightseeing spots. But west Nusa Penida was the more tourist preferred zone mainly coz of Crystal Bay snorkelling option.

We Decided To Stay In West Nusa Penida. Here’s Why

There were two reasons why I picked our stay on the west Nusa Penida side of the island.

  1. I wanted to experience the sunrise or the sunset from one of the famous Nusa Penida viewpoints. While researching about Nusa Penida, everyone went gaga about the sunrise and sunset here on the island. They said it was magical. So had to experience it. Crystal Bay Beach sunset is quite popular. So that was one tick on the checkbox.
  2. Majority of the crowd that comes to Nusa Penida for a single day trip does the snorkelling activity. Usually, this activity happens post noon. So I wanted to avoid the crowd time. By staying right by the beach, we actually ended up being the first set of tourists to do snorkelling in absolutely zero crowd. It was amazinggg!!!

There was also another thing that played in my head. We paid our driver for a two day assignment to take us around both east and west Nusa Penida. Usually it takes about 1.5-2 hours to travel from east to west.

We knew that there’s hardly anything to do on the island post sunset. So instead, we decided to drive back from the east and arrive on the west just before sunset. It was a win-win. We could save ourselves from the post noon heat, and also got to enjoy the Crystal Bay Beach sunset just on time.

My First Impressions About Puri Yalus Bungalow

We reached our bungalow just before sunset. We hardly had 20 minutes to drop our bags, clean up and head to the beach. So my first memory of the place is a slight blur to be honest. It was such a rush rush affair. I don’t think I had the time to even click photos of the fully made up room or the bathroom.

But I’ll tell you this. It was the sweetest accommodation ever. It’s located right in the middle of a village. There are locals staying all around you, and they have their sweet homes, and little farm areas everywhere. It’s an amazing opportunity to live among locals, if you like that sort of a thing.

After our snorkelling activity early morning, we came back to explore the area a bit more. We walked around and pretty much chilled the first half of the morning. There was absolutely zero crowd around, and the whole place was just amazing.

The property on its own came with all necessary amenities. We had a fully functional air conditioning, a very nice bathroom with open ceiling (yah, we had that) a good comfortable bed, hot shower and plenty of storage. No red flags whatsoever.

What Puri Yalus Bungalow Looks Like

In total, there are 4 or 5 huts/independent bungalows in this property. Each bungalow comes with a small patio outside where you can hang all your wet clothes. They also have a nice breakfast corner right opposite the bungalow with a view of nature all around.

All the bungalows are inside out made of wood. It looks super warm and cozy. I just wish Bali as a place was colder, coz it’s not. It’s hot as hell. But the wood touch is a pretty nice feature.

There’s not much to do around the accommodation. Like I said before, it sits in the middle of a village. So the best thing one can do here is simply walk around the area. We saw kids playing, and lots of farm animals around us. It was actually quite fun.

There’s a small shop which sells essentials should you need any. We tried a bunch of local snacks and ice-cream from here. Prices surprisingly were cheaper as compared to mainland Bali.

Food at Puri Yalus Bungalow

Since it is a small property, and most likely run by locals, there wasn’t a crazy lot you could get here in terms of variety. For breakfast we had to pre-order the night before, which was ok. Food was also pretty basic, but decently delicious. Nothing too fancy. I stuck to our usual nasi goreng and mie goreng for dinner here.

Booking Details & How Much Did We Spent Here?

We did all our bookings for Bali from Booking.com With breakfast included, we spent just under INR 2500 ~ USD 34 for one night. It’s a basic accommodation, but for the price it’s amazing. At this price, I don’t think I have stayed in anything better. Oh wait, my Shimla British Resort stay was pretty close for the same price. But nonetheless, this is pretty darn good.

And I’ll tell you something, in Nusa Penida, your day requires so much of walking and burning your energy. You are going to be dead tired by the time the sun goes down. You don’t need to spend a whole lot when you can’t really enjoy it unlike villas in Ubud etc.

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