Diamond Beach – The Most Beautiful Beach In All Of Bali

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If there’s one beach I’d like to go back and visit again in all of Bali, it would be this. Diamond Beach in Nusa Penida. Diamond Beach located on east of Nusa Penida is an untouched, white sand beach with minimal crowd. If you love beaches and just want to hang out and enjoy a couple of hours looking at a gorgeous view, then this is the perfect place to do that.

When I researched Nusa Penida while planning my trip to Bali, I read a lot of people recommending east Nusa Penida specifically for Diamond Beach. The only problem was, east Nusa Penida had only two major spots to offer:

  1. Atuh Beach
  2. Diamond Beach

Of course, there were other spots on this side of the island to check out like the tree house, thousand island view point etc etc. But majorly, if you’re planning to visit east Nusa Penida, your two main attractions were these two beaches. So naturally, we went back and forth thinking whether we should use up an entire day just to travel here.

But let me tell you this. I haven’t seen anything prettier in my life than the Diamond Beach.

How To Reach Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida?

  • If you’re starting from mainland Bali, you’ll need to take a boat ride from Sanur to Nusa Penida island.
  • Tickets for boat rides are easily available. You can do both pre-booking as well as book tickets on the spot. The ride to the island is about 45 mins long.
  • Once you reach Nusa Penida, the best way to see the island is by hiring a private car ride. Do not opt for a bike, as the terrain is bad and the route is quite dusty. A private car with driver will cost you anywhere from IDR 450,000 to IDR 600,000 which is approx USD 30-40 for a day ride.
  • The route after landing on the island to east Nusa Penida is about 2-3 hour long given the road conditions.

But once you’re in the location, Diamond Beach is still a significant walk away. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Bali beaches, it’s this. Every beach is a significant hike up and down. We parked our car in a parking lot which was about a 5-7 minute walk to the beach road.

Walk To The Beach

When you walk towards Diamond beach, initially you can’t see the beach as you’re walking right on top of the hill. The view of the beach opens up as you walk maybe 10 minutes and both Atuh and Diamond Beach open up side by side. It’s like three big hills next to each other with two valley points that are Atuh & Diamond Beach. Not sure if that makes much sense.

So because you’re on the hill top, for reaching these ocean waters, you need to walk down to the beach. Unfortunately, Diamond Beach is a pretty messed up walk. The route is not well constructed, and in some places, you have to simply hold on to the rope and make your way down. It’s a scary walk and if you have vertigo or any height issues, I wouldn’t recommend taking this on.

The walk down to the beach can take you anywhere from 30-45 mins one way. At any point, the steps allow only one way traffic. So you might have to wait a bit to let the other person up first before you walk down.

Is The Beach Swimmable?

Unfortunately no. The sea is quite rough here, and you should only go down during low tides. We landed at Diamond beach sometime post noon, and the water seemed ok then. There are also hardly any locals down here, so you don’t want to get into any trouble, as help is not easily available.

What you can do instead is walk around the rocks, soak your feet in the water and just enjoy the sun. There’s a cave nearby where you can lounge and escape the sun when it gets too hot.

There was one thing that was puzzling about these beaches. The water near Diamond Beach was bone chilling cold. It was tough to stay wet on this beach. But Atuh Beach which was right next door had perfectly luke warm water. I don’t know what caused it, maybe the angle of the sun at that point, or something else. It was quite interesting.

What Can You Do In Diamond Beach?

Apart from just enjoying a beach day out, there isn’t all that much to do in Diamond Beach. The place is quite untouched, and not all that commercialised. There is hardly any tourist crowd here in comparison to heavy populated beaches like Kelingking beach. You can overall really enjoy the location without too much happening around.

There are a few locals who are operating a Bali Swing in Diamond Beach. It’s right on the beach overlooking the rocks and the blue waters. Not sure how safe it is, but the backdrop is very pretty.

If you’re not too keen to ride the swing, you can alternatively also pose in their Bali nests. They have one nest right next to the swing.

How Much Time Should You Keep Aside For Diamond Beach Tour?

Ideally, you’ll need somewhere between 1.5-2 hours just to go up and down the beach. Since it is a treacherous walk, you will want to spend an additional one or two hours just lounging on the beach. I for one didn’t want to walk back up.

But if you’re visiting Diamond Beach, it’ll be likely that you would want to go to Atuh Beach as well. Atuh Beach is also a significant walk (like 30-45 mins) one way. So plan your day accordingly.

Is It Worth Going Down To Diamond Beach?

Yes absolutely! If you’re moderately fit, I would highly recommend walking down to the beach. It is a workout but if you don’t do it, your day will get over in an hour max. You’ll have nothing really to look forward to. Nusa Penida island in general is very very hot during the day.

The beaches here luckily have nice shacks, and lounge areas to sunbathe. It’s a different experience. Diamond Beach for one, is quite peaceful. You won’t hear any noise other than waves crashing. That with unobstructed views, gosh, take me back already.

Before I end this post, just couple of things to keep in mind while walking down to Diamond Beach, Bali.

  1. Wear a good footwear that has a good grip and is basically non-slippery.
  2. Don’t experiment with fashion when you’re walking down the steps. Wear something that’s comfortable. I saw few girls wearing flowing skirts which kept tangling in their feet and others. It’s scary, and after a while, the girls just had to tie it all up.
  3. Carry minimal baggage with you. I saw the fittest of the fit crowd also panting in the heat. Carrying extra weight on top is never a good idea on these terrains.

If you’re looking for more details on Bali, I found a couple of blogs that provide excellent information. Linking them here for you’ll.

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