Tour Of My Airbnb Inspired Master Bedroom For Spring 2020

by Miss Nauti Tales
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White Wood Bedroom Decor

Have you ever given thought of doing up an all white Airbnb Inspired Master Bedroom? A functional main bedroom at that? In this post about Airbnb Inspired Master Bedroom, I will be covering the following topics:

  • How to keep a white room looking white
  • Where did I shop the room decor items from
  • How much I’ve spent on this decor project
  • And of course, tons of pictures of the bedroom. Let’s get started.

Living with a boy, in an all white room. It has disaster written all over it. I thought long and hard about doing this. But man, oh man, white looks pretty in pictures, even better in person. All those pretty Pinterest bedrooms, they really are that pretty, I can tell you that.

What Was The Idea Behind This Airbnb Inspired Master Bedroom

I wanted to create a space that instantly brought calmness to the soul. I already have a boho (hyper colourful) guest bedroom called Bali. While that is pretty in a different category, I wanted to go for a minimalist look for our bedroom.

I guess some of you might have noticed the layouts of airbnbs. They are functional, yet they have character be it in the form of wall colour, or quirky accessories. I call this room airbnb because it has minimal functional items in the room, and everything else is about making the space look and feel nice.

When we rented out this apartment, it already came with this wooden floor for the master. So doing up too many colours along with the deep floor shade didn’t make sense. Unfortunately, I am a bright loud colourful person when it comes to decor, and so is all of our art at home. So instead we decided to go for an all white room to complement the accent pieces on the walls.

First Things First, How To Keep White To Remain White!

Honestly, the only trick for keeping this Airbnb Inspired Master Bedroom neat and clean is to be a bit mindful. We live in Gurgaon which on bad days gets an average of two to three dust storms daily during the dry season. Living in an apartment that is 10+ floor up, it usually gets quite windy and dusty most of the time.

So after using this room for a little over few weeks now and after making some heavy duty lifestyle changes, I think I’ve sort of figured out how to keep white, remain white white. To begin with, here’s a couple of things we’ve given up.

  • No eating on the bed. No late night Maggi, or milk, or chai anywhere close to the bed. Actually, truth be told, I’ve banned any kind of food inside the room. Period.
  • No jhaadu in the room. Very important. Just vacuum and wet mopping. Traditional way of sweeping attracts the maximum dust on curtains. So now, the maid has been upgraded with our Dyson absolute V10 vacuum cleaner. It works like magic and she is quite pleased to use a motor-jhaadu!
  • On most days, I try and keep the windows open in two time slots. Early morning and early evening. Basically during the golden hours of the day. It gets the light in for the plants, and helps with adequate ventilation. For the rest of the day, I tend to keep the other room windows and doors open. So that the direct smog doesn’t come in.

But most importantly what I’ve done is kept the linen on the bedding be it the cushions, covers, or bed spread not pristine white. They are all actually cream toned, which is a much forgiving shade to work with.

So How Long Does It Take To Set Up This Airbnb Inspired Master Bedroom

About 7 minutes. Max. I always knew about the concept of bed covers to put up during the day. In this case, all the stuff you see on the bed is a cover-up setting only. We don’t sleep on these linens at all, and that also helps in keeping things white and bright.

Every morning, we wake up, and just dress up the room. It takes no more than 10 mins, and what it ensures is that I don’t take any mid-day naps or simply jump on the bed with laptop and Netflix on hand. I’ve become slightly more productive ever since I have started fixing up the house as the day begins. It’s under 10 mins of work for a full day of bliss.

All of the items that are on the bed, the cushions, and the cushion covers + the bed cover go inside this wicker cane storage. It is the one hero product in the room that has saved me so much of clutter. Usually before, we would just throw things down on the carpet, go to sleep, and then pick it up literally from the floor in the morning. It was not well planned.

So I hunted and hunted, and came across this beautiful storage box, that gets plenty of air inside out and is ginormous in size. Looks pretty too, right?

With time, I’ve come to realise I’m a creature of change. Come to my home, and you’ll never find the same thing kept in the same place ever. Change is what drives me, keeps my head calm, and especially in home decor, change is what feels like a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Cost Of The Decor

Six Curtain Sheets for INR 3800

The curtains are the most expensive purchase in the room. I went for an all linen look, mixed with a pair of embroidered linen white curtain.

  • 2 Embroidered linen curtains for INR 1000 each
  • 2 plain linen white curtains for 650 each + 2 satin white sheets for blocking light at INR 300 each.

I picked out the curtains from Sarojini. I don’t recall the shop. Sorry. But you can simply walk into any of the curtain shops and ask them for linen and tissue curtains. You’ll find these easily. I tried looking for these on Amazon, home centre etc as well, but they are either not so great, or really expensive. So I’d suggest browse through your local wholesale shops closeby.

Cane Storage Box for INR 1500 + Money Plant – INR 150

There is one single roadside stall in Lajpat Nagar that keeps all kinds of cane storage boxes, and seating items. It’s located very close to the metro station, hard to miss. But in case, you’re not from Delhi NCR, and still want this, then you can pick it up from Amazon as well.

I found the exact same cane storage box on Amazon for INR 2000 which is honestly ok to pay since you don’t have to physically carry it and bring it home.

Bedding Cost – Under 2000

All of the bedding in this picture has been picked from Lajpat Market and from different stores, believe it or not. These days there’s a lot of export surplus that’s coming here. Very very good quality. I found the pineapple cushions literally on the road. Makes you like it less, eh?

You’ll be surprised to know that most of these other linen pillow covers etc are branded, which is somewhat funny since they are also from the road 🙂 But what a find! Here’s what I’ve spent on these:

  • Pineapple cushions: INR 150 each
  • Blue and Cream mini cushions in the front: INR 100 each for the cover + cushion
  • Pillow Covers: INR 200 per pair
  • Linen Bed Cover: INR 300 (I kid you not!)

Other Accent Pieces

  • Candle Stands: Banjara Market, Gurgaon for INR 150 for two
  • Mirror on the corner: Banjara Market, Gurgaon for INR 1800
  • Yellow Carving Art Work: Banjara Market, Gurgaon for INR 350-400 approx
  • Carpet, Bed Side Console & Blanket: Already had in the house
  • All the plants in the house: Nurseries at Golf Course Extension Road, Gurgaon
  • Vacuum Cleaner: Dyson Absolute V10

If you liked this Airbnb Inspired Master Bedroom, and want to get some more decor inspiration, here’s a bunch of Instagram and YouTube profiles that I follow for beginners entry into decor:

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