Transform Boring Wedding Gifts Into Statement Home Decor Items

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Transform Boring Wedding Gifts

In this post, you will see ideas on how to change a vase, dinner set, photo frames, and decorative items into statement home decor pieces. It’s a full proof way to Transform Boring Wedding Gifts Into A Statement Home Decor Item’s.

A newbie bride asked me this morning, how do you manage to do everything post wedding? The routine work of plating up (good) food three times a day and doing up a brand new home all at the same time? It may seem like a few words strung together, but believe me, it comes with its own set of challenges especially if you’re someone who’s never done it before.

Being married for the past three years I have learnt a few tips and tricks of sprucing up the home without burning a hole in the pocket. I’m sure all of you have received a ton of (not-so-useful/I-don’t-like-this) wedding gifts and really don’t know what to do with them other than re-gifting?

Well think again. Wouldn’t it be easier if you knew of a way to Transform Boring Wedding Gifts into something of a statement home decor item? Comment below and let me know what other not-so-fun wedding gifts you’ve received at your wedding.

Got A Bunch Of Crystal Vases? Here’s What You Can Do

If it is a big box with shiny wrapping paper, it’s got to be a vase. I don’t know what it is with Indian Weddings, but this one just keeps coming. A vase is like one of those disinterested wedding gifts you get from people who simply come for the food. No offence. But that doesn’t mean you got to live with it right?

Here are three ways to Transform Boring Wedding Gifts of vases into beautiful decor items in your home.

1. Wrap some LED Copper Lights around the vase and use it as a mood lighting piece in your home

LED Copper Lights are available for as low as INR 295 to INR 400 on Amazon. You can either opt for battery operated or USB cable. I personally prefer the USB Cable because you can light them up for a much longer. It takes away the hassle of replacing batteries every now and then.

If you have a crystal vase, this lighting idea will work beautifully. Light bounces off crystals really well. Something like this can easily be used for your photography backdrop just like in the second picture. I have used pine cones for my winter decor. Notice how the lights give that blurry effect at the back?

Wrap the vase and the flowers in it with the copper lights. The good thing about these LED Copper Lights is that the wires don’t really show all that much. That plus the copper wires take any shape that you want it to. You can pretty much mould it in any direction you like.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use fake flowers in a vase, you can simply break off some branches and twigs and wrap all the branches and stems with the copper LED lights. Place it anywhere in your living room corners and light it up when the sun goes down.

2. Not a fan of that ugly vase? Put another good looking decor item next to it, so that the eyes don’t focus on the vase.

3. Combine all the vases/flasks in a beautiful display on a mirror or tray to put on the centre table

Got Crockery That You Don’t Love? Heres Some Fun Ideas Of Making Them Work

Everyones choice when it comes to decor is different. As a bride, I understand you want to spruce up your place your way. That includes the cutlery and crockery that you wish to use.

A lot of times these wedding gifts come from close family members or friends. In case you have got one of those (bad) printed dinner sets that you just don’t like, and can’t get rid of either. Here’s what you can do.

1. Make a tiered cake stand and use it for serving starters, cupcakes. That or simply use it as a jewellery stand with crystals hanging on the bottom

This might be a little bit of an adventurous DIY Project for some of you. But the final look is amazing, and something that is very very unique. There are two ways of going about this. You can use a glue gun to stick the layers on a stand or you can use the drill machine.

Just a caution, with the drill machine, you are bound to break a few. I say it with experience. So in case breakage breaks your heart, the easier way is to cut up any stand and glue it together. In both the scenarios, it will work just fine.

I have also seen people stick cups from the same dinner set as a stand. The cups give the necessary height for the tier cake stand. It’s a bit of a stretch but totally doable using a glue gun. It’s a quick and easy fix.

Now some of you might say, I am no baker for a cupcake stand in my house. I hear you. I am neither. But this two or three tier cake stand can easily be used as a starter serving stand also. Place nachos, fried chips, or any finger food on the different layers. It’s a great way of showing off your new crockery.

P.S. You can also junk this idea completely and simply buy a tiered cake stand. I bought mine (in the picture) for INR 1190 from

2. Use the Tea Cups For Succulents by Spray Painting the Cup in a colour of your choice

Everyone will tell you succulent are super easy to maintain. I for one disagree. Mine just keep dying. Plus at 150-300 bucks a plant, these seriously don’t come cheap. So just giving a headsup. If you can manage to keep one alive, this is a pretty neat idea to go for. You can display the succulents on your window sill or place it on the dining table.

Got any decorative statues and figurines like Ganesha, Buddha, or other porcelain ceramic items that you don’t love?

Rather than keeping them packed and stashed away in one of your drawers, use them collectively for an outdoor decor style. If you have a balcony or garden, these items will go beautifully with your other greens.

Particularly, if you have received a gift where the statue or figurine is really big in size and is going to take up a significant amount of space, this idea will really work in those cases. Add a bunch of candle stands in and around and light them up after sun down for a complete zen effect in your home.

How to Decorate Your Outdoor Space Using a Ladder

For my home for this quarter, I used up three of my Buddhas and stacked them one on each step of the ladder among my other potted plants. For that enhanced decor effect I light up small battery operated candles whenever guests are at home post sun down.

You can buy the battery operated candles for INR 25-30 bucks a piece either online or from home

I Bet A Few Of You Must Have Received The Done-To-Death Collage Photo Frames?

I know this is not the collage frame as such. But you get the idea right? A gallery wall obviously looks way better, but if you’ve got yourself one of those black different sized collage frame, then putting up art work or a particular colour scheme of things can really brighten up your wall.

If you can’t get ride of it, use it in a slightly whackier way. Now, no need to add cheesy wedding pictures in them. You can instead add fun quotes, and colour wall art prints and stick it up above your work desk.

All those super cool Pinterest-y wall arts, they do take a significant amount of time and energy to put together in a gallery format. Luckily, in case of a collage frame, you can hide the ugliness by adding lots of colours and prints and text. It really works !

Got a bunch of different sized photo frames? Simply paint or spray-paint it the colour you want, and make yourself a gallery wall.

I actually love the idea of using frames in a bunch of different ways. It’s one of the most versatile props you can receive in a gifting item. If you have received a bunch of them in all different styles, then gallery wall is an excellent idea to go for.

Use different sized photo frames as a jewellery organiser or to showcase your polaroid shots

I have written an exhaustive blog post on 21 ways of using photo frames on Frugal2Fab. If you are looking for more ideas on how to make use of all those frames, I recommend going through this list. There are some super cool hacks + a lot of winter decor with frames idea in that.

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