Is This The Most Beautiful Street In Cape Town?

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Most Beautiful Street Cape Town

Now you might ask, why am I asking this question. The thing is, for a city like Cape Town, every nook and corner is postcard perfect. The small alleys opening up to beautiful cafes, the gorgeous white beaches, the millionaire homes. It’s all very pretty.


A Brief History of the Most Beautiful Street Cape Town


South Africa is known as the rainbow nation. The colours signify the bygone era of Apartheid when discrimination against race and colour were huge. Under apartheid, non-white South Africans (a majority of the population) were forced to live in separate areas from whites and use separate public facilities. Even contact between the two groups was frowned upon.

Bo-Kaap was originally a settlement for slaves who were stripped off of colour, and identity.

In the 16th and 17th Centuries, the Dutch, who were occupying South Africa at the time, brought thousands of people (mainly Muslims) from Malaysia, Indonesia, and other African countries to the Cape of Good Hope as slaves. –


Why are these houses so colourful?

Initially, all the houses were white. So when the rule was lifted, and the slaves were no longer slaves. They were allowed to purchase these homes and add any colour to them. These colourful houses then became an expression of their freedom.


While you are at Bo-Kaap, Do Not Miss:

The Free Walking Tour

Most Beautiful Street Cape Town

All you got to do is pick up a brochure of city sightseeing tours at V&A Waterfront. You will have all the details made available to you. Not to mention, people in the city are really sweet. So you can reach out to anyone and they’ll guide you through.


Bo-Kaap Cooking Tour

Most Beautiful Street Cape Town

We, unfortunately, planned Bo-Kaap on our last day at Cape Town. We did manage to do the 45 min walking tour. However, we couldn’t visit one of the residents’ homes at Bo-Kaap which was such a brilliant opportunity. Some of the residents here have lived in this street all their life. It’s an amazing experience to learn about the Cape Malay Culture especially the local food.


There are also a lot of other fun activities at Bo-Kaap that you can take up. Don’t miss out on a tour of the oldest building at Bo-Kaap, and the Bo-Kaap museum. For more information about this beautiful street in Cape Town, check out their official website.

For more details on what to do in Cape Town, check out my blog post here.

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