This Is How I Transformed My Old Boring Shoe Rack

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Transform Old Boring Shoe Rack

Sometimes a little piece of furniture alone can bring in a world of happiness.

I have always loved doing mini home projects every now and then. Usually, they are inexpensive, quirky, one-day projects that I take up after a ton of Pinterest browsing. This time around, I decided to transform old boring shoe rack.

It didn’t start directly with the idea to change up the shoe rack. This last month I was visiting my in-laws, and one day I just came across this beautiful lampshade that my mum-in-law had in her collection. She was willing to part with it, and I jumped at the prospect of having it in my collection.

Now, what is so special about a lampshade? Well, a, I have a weakness for all things lightings. B. It was an antique silver finish study lampshade. C. It was g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. Need I say more?

Transform Old Boring Shoe Rack

When I finally unpacked it at home, I knew I wanted to create a space worthy of keeping this treasure on display. The only possibility I had was an old boring shoe rack which was currently acting as my mini library stand in the living space.

Can you see the problem? It’s ugly and it just had to go.

But, you know me. I am a that crazy budget, conscious person. That plus, we are living in a rented apartment. It didn’t make financial sense to junk it altogether to buy a new set for the corner. So instead here was the plan to transform old boring shoe rack.

So, What’s The Plan to Transform Old Boring Shoe Rack :

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint. Canary Yellow Colour.
  • Change the contents of the Shoe Rack.
  • Transform it into a Photo Library.
  • Add the lampshade and other accessories to make it beautiful
Transform Old Boring Shoe Rack

What a single coat of spray paint looks like.

P.S. Please note that a single can of spray paint is not enough to finish this project. It hardly has paint enough for a single layer of paint coat. So try to avoid spray paint and go for a regular wall paint.


Cost of the Project / Things Needed:

  • One can of Canary Yellow Spray Paint ~ INR 190 
  • Alternatively, use one litre of regular wall paint (more affordable) ~ INR 140
  • Some accessories
  • Few Photo Albums + some photo frames
  • A Paint Brush ~ INR 30
  • Old Newspapers to cover the floor while painting

What to keep in mind while painting:

  • Mix the raw paint with 3-4 spoons of paint (kerosene) oil to give it a shiny lustre.
  • Apply a think coat of paint the first time.
  • Allow the paint coat to dry for at least 3 to 4 hours
  • Apply a second coat of paint. Repeat the process to let it dry.
  • Apply a third coat wherever required till you see a bright shade of yellow throughout the shoe rack.
  • Accessorize the shoe rack.


What the final transformation looks like:

The time it took to complete the project: 1 day

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