How To Achieve Zen In Your Home

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Quiet the mind and the soul will speak – Buddha

Every season, I go through this phase where along with a change of clothes, I also strive to change up the home. It could be a massive makeover or simply a rearrangement of our existing furniture. But change has always been my only constant. It keeps my creativity going, and I imbibe a great deal of positivity by doing this every few months.

This time around, my mood board is slightly different. I want to achieve zen at my home.


But, what is this Zen?

No, that Maruti car is not coming back!

zen home

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In Japanese, Zen refers to meditation. In Interior Design, it reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. It is a way of arranging your home and creating an atmosphere that offsets the stress and hassle of your daily routine. –

All sounds pretty darn fantastic, doesn’t it? But does it require massive amounts of effort in terms of home decor? Luckily not! Sometimes what may be zen for me, might be clutter for you and vice-versa. It all depends on what brings calmness to your soul, your home.


So how do we achieve a Zen Home?

There are some basic elements that one can add to their homes that will give the feeling of zen.

# Adding a lot of Greens to your home

Plants, for instance, anything green and living are great choices to include in your personal space. How to go about placing the plants, now that’s a different article altogether.


# Adding some Buddhas or other Figurines that bring out calmness

Buddhas, personally, work immensely in giving me a sense of purity, calmness, and relieve me from all kinds of stress. Whether it is a happy buddha or sleeping Buddha, there is some power there that is infectious in a good way. Add some plants around Buddha, and you will achieve your zen home.


# Allowing Natural Light to come into the house

zen home

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Being a blogger, I spend a ton of time at my residence, in front of my computer. Probably more time that even the boy spends at work. Naturally, a dingy, closed, dark environment is a mood killer. I have come to realize post experience that opening up windows, letting the natural light flow in instantly brings out so much energy from within. Try it sometime, you will be surprised with your energy levels.


There are many other ways of achieving a zen home. These are some of the things that work for me, around which I plan on changing a few things at home. Let me know what works for you.

What’s your mood board for your home this summer?

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