What Happens When A Street Food Festival Happens In Your City?

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Street Food Festival

Nothing brings people together like good food.

Living in Delhi NCR, I have always wanted to attend the Street Food Festival. It’s one of the biggest events that take place during the peak of winters bringing together food from all over India. With over 15+ states participating this time around, it was simply obvious that we had to be here.

So on a free weekend, we ended up doing some retail therapy making full use of the end of season sale and headed towards the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Complex in Delhi. The place was open till 10 pm so there was plenty a time to eat and repeat.


But what really goes on at a Street Food Festival?

a. Well, you skip a meal and keep enough storage space for all the delicacies

Street Food Festival

b. No matter how much you try, it’s impossible to try out every dish. Sucks!

Street Food Festival


c. It is the one place where you will see happy well-fed faces everywhere

Street Food Festival

So what were my top picks from the Street Food Festival?

Galaouti Kebabs and Naan from Lucknow

Made with minced lamb meat, this one dish is a melt in the mouth experience. But it’s not just the kebabs which are famous, the story behind its invention is equally gripping.

Back in the 16th century, the Nawabs of Lucknow were quite vocal about their taste buds and had a penchant for kebabs. Legend has it that even during famine years, the Nawab would instruct the royal cooks to prepare a new kind of kebab for him every day.

Then as time passed, he was unable to have the otherwise chewy kebabs that he once loved. Thus came the birth of the galaouti kebabs. It was a silky, creamy, mouth-watering dish which was made with the flavours of over a 150 spices! Talk about a  flavour bomb dish!


Human-sized Jalebis and Malpua

Well, who can resist these?

I always thought Malpua was from Odisha, but it turns out it is in fact from Bihar. Made with khoya and rawa, and dipped in sugar syrup topped with rabdi, it’s a plate of happiness in front of you. Ditto with jalebis. While jalebis are pretty much found everywhere in India, what drew me to this one, in particular, was its enormous size. It would definitely be a challenge to finish one ring by a person alone.


Chilla from Rajasthan

This is a traditional street food from Rajasthan. Probably one of the healthier options than the previous ones. In simple terms, a chilla is a frankie roll with a big slice of tofu/paneer in it. If you are a vegetarian, this counter was a must try.

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