What To Do When You Are In Shimla?

by Miss Nauti Tales
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What To Do Shimla

The best view comes after the hardest climb.

Shimla had been on my list since the time I got married and moved to Delhi. The biggest advantage of staying in the capital is the scope to wander off to so many good places with just a long weekend plan. Shimla was one such plan, only that after checking out reviews, we ended up extending the holiday to a week-long trip to Shimla.

Now, a lot of you might say what to do Shimla for so long? Well, a lot I would say. Take this, Britishers and other foreign tourists pretty much spend months just chilling in Shimla. At first, even I was a bit baffled, but the city has a charm that makes you want to stay longer.

But coming back to the point, if you are planning a trip to Shimla, here’s a list of things you must do while you’re there:


# Start your day by walking through the forests of Annandale

What To Do Shimla

Don’t love trekking? No problem. The forests of Annandale is a mere 20-minute walk through dense forests. I would highly recommend doing this early morning so you can catch the morning rays through the tall deodar trees all around. The sweet sound of the birds chirping and the view all around is a sight to behold. Check out the video on Annandale here.


# Stay at a Heritage Property instead of a regular hotel!

What To Do Shimla

The one thing we did well on this trip was book our stay at an ancient 1823 Scottish lodge called Shimla British Resort. It became a daily struggle to decide whether we wanted to explore our heritage property more or do sightseeing in Shimla. You know that sort of a dilemma is always a good thing!


# Enjoy the sunset at Ridge with other fellow tourists

What To Do Shimla

Ridge is the main attraction point in Shimla which is the heart of the city. It gives 360-degree views along with having some historical sites right here. You can visit the old Christ Church and also know about Scandal point right here. Not only that, the roads to all the old bazaars of Shimla can be explored from here.


# Go Cafe Hopping one day

What To Do Shimla

Shimla has some of the best cafes we have been to anywhere. Every nook and corner has a different cafe theme, and the food and desserts are yum delicious. Wake & Bake on Mall Road was our personal favourite in our trip. We pretty much went and had dinners, coffee, and snacks every single day. Check out my complete review of the best cafes in Shimla here.


# Love adventure? Take a day trip to Kufri

Kufri is the hub of adventure sports all around the year. From ziplining to rock climbing, khacchar ride and more, you can do all of this in one place. If you visit Kufri in winters, then you can even do skiing here. But the best part about Kufri is the green valley. It’s this gorgeous thick blanket of trees that surround a bunch of hills which you can see on the way to your destination.


# If you want a day off from adventures, take the Heritage Toy Train Ride

One of the oldest running train services in the whole world, the toy train ride from Kalka to Shimla and back is a must to do activity. Locals still use this service every single day to commute between the two cities. Tickets for this run out pretty quickly, so make sure you plan ahead.



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