Hello Boho | Cafe With The Best View Of Sunset In Udaipur

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Hello Boho

Nothing in the world is better than good food with a view.

It’s our first day in Udaipur, and we are hungry. After a long day of sightseeing, its time to feast. We walk around the old city of Udaipur in search of something traditional, authentic Rajasthani. But instead, we stop right in front of Hello Boho.

A quirky cafe sitting right on the banks of Gangaur Ghat overlooking Lake Pichola, this cafe is straight out of Pinterest. Colourful interiors, a beautiful view of the lake, kids taking bath right outside while you enjoy the beautiful sunset from inside. I hopped right in.

I am usually a little sceptical about ordering Italian/continental in tier two cities. You just don’t know what might come across on your table. I have had my share of lost looks when the food finally arrives and has no resemblance whatsoever to what I might have ordered.

So in Hello Boho we thought let’s be cautious. It’s the first day, let’s not experiment. We ordered a simple boho exotic pizza and honey chilli potatoes to go with it. Pretty standard.

Now was the time to step out and enjoy the view while the chef did his magic for us. It was perfect timing. The sun was about to set, and the colours reflecting on Lake Pichola made the whole scene look magical. If I could, I would be here every single evening.

2017 has been one heck of an incredible year for me in terms of travelling. I have been to so many places, each one better than the previous. While Udaipur is known for its palaces, and the lakes it is this view that I hold on to the closest to me. The feeling of tranquillity, a sense of divine peace and joy at the same time. The view was breathtaking. Even with the whole city’s noise around us, I and the boy found our corner on the steps of Gangaur Ghat lost in our thoughts, just grateful to have been here at the right time.

Hello Boho

Ok, but now I realize I am hungry. We ran back to the cafe which is now full. My corner seat, the best one in the house is now occupied. That’s alright, because the first thing that catches my eye is the food, and what a sight it was.

The food was duh-licious as you can tell from the pictures. We wanted to order a ton more, but later that evening we had the Bagore Ki Haweli Dharohar show to attend. You saw that one right?

Let me know if you have been to Udaipur and have a favourite cafe/restaurant that you loved.

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