How To Do A Quick Easy Round Table Decor For Winters

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Easy Round Table Decor

Create the things you wish existed.

The holiday season is here, and last night I thought what better way to bring in the holidays than to spruce up the home. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I just finished a massive makeover of my bedroom.

We live in a rented apartment, which can be a bit challenging given nothing decor wise can be permanent. But, that shouldn’t stop one from experimenting. I personally destress by fiddling with my home furniture and accessory items. 7 times out of 10 my experiments are not very well received, but the rest of the times, ah, now that is the fun part.

Today I thought let me share with you my quick Easy Round Table Decor that I did for winters. I literally did not purchase anything other than some succulents for this decor setting. Everything else was already at home courtesy my amazing mum-in-law. So turns out this is a budget decor.


Things you need for this Easy Round Table Decor:

Easy Round Table Decor

  • Succulent Plants: INR 50 each
  • Two sets of Bird Cage: INR 150 & INR 100 respectively
  • Two Brass Buddhas
  • Two Human figures
  • Some crystals
  • A Wooden crate/box to set everything. I got mine as a gift from Loopy Love India
  • A packet of Potpourri: INR 50 a pack
  • Some small toys + pebbles (optional)


Things to keep in mind while decorating a Round Table

Square, rectangle tables are really easy to decorate as they have angles to work with. In case of a roundtable, that can get a bit messy. So the thumb rule that I go by is, the direction in which you have people sitting, that’s the direction you need to highlight your decor towards. That and simply add some trinkets all around (in my case, I placed some crystals) and cover the rest of the space.


Symmetry can change the whole decor game !

Easy Round Table Decor

There are two plants, two Buddhas, two bird cages. I learnt this from a YouTube sensation Robeson Design. The designer Rebecca is so talented. Most of the times, I am just busy trying to recreate some of her easy tips and tricks in my home, bringing in an Indian touch of course. If you like anything you see here, then check out her Fix It Friday videos, you’ll love it.


Use one element which gives the decor its height!

Easy Round Table Decor

I recently got these human figures from our trip to South Africa. It was trying to find a place in the house, and I think finally it fits right in. In case you don’t have artistic accessories, you can also use books for getting that height. From there you can place either pot with plants which can alternatively be used to get that height.


How does this make me feel?

Easy Round Table Decor

Warm and cosy just like winters. I have never been a fan of white Pinterest decor. I love it on pictures, but let’s face it white is not meant for Indian homes. It’s really hard to maintain, and things can go downhill real fast if the white starts turning into cream or worse brown !

Wood, on the other hand, is effortless, timeless. It’s low on maintenance and lasts forever. I hope you liked this decor. Let me know how you felt when you first saw this look.

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