The Perfect Boho Chic Inspiration For Your Home

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Boho Chic Home

Home is a warm and fuzzy feeling.

While the world is busy catching up on makeup tutorials and vlogs on YouTube, I don’t know what is up with that. I pretty much do the same, but every now and then I follow interior designers and home decor on Pinterest and YouTube. Particularly those which can be incorporated into our home on a tiny budget. Being a lifestyle and wedding blogger, sometimes monotony can be a devil, and so here I am sharing something I love.

If you are a decor enthusiast and are looking for some simple hacks to turn your abode into a boho chic home, then keep scrolling.


# Cushions are life !

Boho Chic Home

From regular sizes to one-off statement cushions, the variety is huge and there is so much one can do with this. My favourite recently is adding pom-pom lace to the cushion covers.

  • Cost: INR 20 to 30 for a 2-3 metre roll.
  • Where to Buy: Lajpat Nagar, Kinnari Bazaar in Chandni Chowk


# A Multi-Coloured Bed Cover can be the starting point for your decor needs

Boho Chic Home


The best option is to buy something Rajasthani which is very similar to this. They are easily available, inexpensive and one can tie in the colours with any sort of decor.

  • Cost: Depends, but a good one can cost anywhere upwards INR 2000
  • Where to Buy: Art exhibitions, Dilli Haat


# A DIY Mandala Design to highlight that one empty wall

Boho Chic Home


These are super easy to make and are perfect on days when you are procrastinating. Use a colourful wall, or simply use the mandala art to highlight an otherwise empty wall. There are lots of mandala tutorials online. Some are easy, some are not..but loads of options to choose from.

What do you need for the project: A White Canvas, Paints, A Compass


# A Nice Antique Mirror can add a lot of charm

Boho Chic Home

Rustic is trending in home decor, and if you want to up the quotient of style in your home, a bright pop antique mirror is just the trick to use. You can find these in local markets in your city and can get it painted based on the colour you like.

  • Cost: Depends on bargaining skills, can be under INR 1000
  • Where to Buy: Chor Bazaar, Furniture Market in Gurgaon


# A Colourful Rug/Carpet

Boho Chic Home

A tricky one. But can add volumes to any home decor. I have seen beautiful traditional as well as quirky rugs in Dilli Haat. They do cost a bit but look amazing. If there is one investment you want to make in your home, that can change the whole look feel it’s a nice rug and the perfect lighting!


# Jute Lampshades

Boho Chic Home

Lighting in a house is everything. There are so many different ways to play with this accessory from mood lighting to functional lighting, floor lampshades to hanging lights and more. The possibilities are endless. If you want a one of a kind piece unique to your home, try to DIY it by using either a rope or jute fabric to get that boho yet Indian look.

  • Cost: Approx INR 250-300 a piece
  • Where to Buy: Sarojini Nagar Market


# A Statement Dresser

Boho Chic Home


To add an extra glam touch to your living space, a statement dresser can go a long way. These accessories are conversation starters and look amazing as a standalone piece against any wall.

  • Cost: Depending on the design and bargaining skills, you can pick one ranging from a couple of hundreds to INR 2000-3000
  • Where to Buy: Furniture Market Gurgaon


# Plants & Succulents

Boho Chic Home

Adding some greens can spruce up any corner of your home. The easiest to manage are succulents which require minimal maintenance and last for a long long time. You can find these at your closest nursery in your city.

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