The Day I Wished My Garden To Look Like This

by Miss Nauti Tales
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For any plant/nature lover, this place is a candy land.

The interest for plantation is fairly new. Living in Gurgaon, one of the perks is the endless line of nursery next to the house. It just calls you out in ways I can’t explain. So ever since we moved here almost a year back, I have gone bonkers trying to accommodate all sorts of plants. From succulents to creepers, cactus, indoor-outdoor plants, you name it, I have it.

But, Gardens by the Bay is a different level of awesomeness. The minute you step into this place, guaranteed it’s a jaw drop moment. They have managed to conserve plants from every part of the planet. Here are my top favourite moments from this natural paradise.


# Flowers that are simply out of this world



Now, do I know the names of all these flowers. Nope. But, do I want it all? Hell, yeah !!

There are different zones in the park which take you to that country, that region. Flower Dome has eight different zones – Succulent to Australian, South African, Californian, South American and so on. It transports you to the forests of those regions. It’s a beautiful sight. Not to mention, crazy good pictures. See how the colors pop?


# Carnivorous Plants. Yes, they exist !

Come join the club. I didn’t know myself carnivorous plants existed.

The Pitcher Plant uses a pitfall trap. Insects are attracted to its sweet scent, but once they enter, hairs within the pitcher plant prevent the insects from crawling out again. They eventually drown in the digestive liquid within the pitcher and are consumed. –

I am not entirely sure if this is the pitcher plant. They also have a fly-catcher plant in there somewhere. But this entire section of the forest was all about carnivoros plants. Pretty awesome, eh?

It makes me think, if only I could have one or two of these at home, it would be such a respite from flies and mosquitoes and small creepy insects. I could start a ritual of monstrous laughter everytime one of these buggers got caught. You know what I mean…


# Forest Experience


The world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 35 meters can be seen in the Cloud Forest. Make sure you wear something nice and warm, as this place is bone-chilling cold. If you think flower dome is beautiful, you will surpass your expectations when you walk into Cloud Forest.

The cloud walk is designed in a way so that you can get up close with some of the rarest species of plants on earth.


# Installs that bring the forest to life


Every forest has its share of wildlife activities, and Gardens by the Bay has ensured they capture that aspect of life as well. Throughout the park, the art installs bring the forest to life. So whether it is two eagles wrestling their way to catch the pray, or crocodiles lurking around swampy areas. The place gives you all the right chills.

We initially walked into Gardens by the Bay not knowing fully what was in there. We allocated maybe an hour or so for this place, but eventually ended up spending a good part of the day here. I suggest if you do visit here, keep some free time in your hand.


For more information on Gardens by the Bay, visit their official site by clicking here.

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