That Feeling When You Get To Put On Boots

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Every Bombay girl will know the feeling. Oh, I could live in Delhi NCR just to be able to enjoy these every year.

For someone who has never experienced winters per say, having to wear sweaters and boots, and being all covered up is a fairly foreign concept. Thus, for me, winter starts early November sometimes even late October. That first chill in the air and all my fancy clothes are out. After all, it’s only a couple of months that one can enjoy winter fashion. I for one have lost out on quite a few years of playing catch up.


This time around, Shimla was my excuse to do pre-winter shopping. I knew it would be slightly cold (a.k.a pleasant) there during Diwali and yet I was probably the only soul walking around in boots. I was basically that kid in a crowd with the sole candy in her hand.

Finding the right boots in itself is a challenge more than art. For big feet people like me, I am size 9/41 which means it is impossible to have options in India. I personally know so many women with big feet, but I fail to understand why the market here doesn’t acknowledge this category.

Anyhow, rambling aside, I found this perfect easy to walk and run pair at a store in South Africa. It was priced rather reasonably which is always a win-win, and there you have it, I just had to pick it up.

Outfit Details:

Top: Zara India Skirt: H&M IndiaBoots: MRP Fashion, South AfricaBag: Gift


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