Do You Know What Squids Taste Like?

by Miss Nauti Tales
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squids taste

Little drops of heaven.

Eeeuuu…is that what I am hearing you say? Haha, if I were in your shoes, maybe I would have reacted the same way. The minute one hears weird food like worms and squids, I don’t know about you but I go back to Roadies time. That time a decade back when Rannvijay would make the contestants squirm and feel miserable and all of us audience would take sadistic pleasure in their pain. Oh come on, you know you have done that!

But come to 2017, I have just tasted the best seafood ever at Monte Casino, South Africa. If someone had not told me I was squid tasting, I would have probably thought its just shrimps. It tastes similar, only better.

So, what happened was, we were out for dinner, and someone suggested we go a little experimental with our choice of food for the night. I was skeptical for sure. I like my comfort food, fish and chips standard, I am good to go. But tonight was not going to be that night.

So we ordered something fancy in squids starters, I don’t recollect the name. For this post, let’s just call it squids pakoda because that’s what it was to me.


But Hey, What Do Squids Look Like?

I specifically asked the waiter I don’t want to see the real ones because let’s face it there was no way in hell I would try the food then. I was busy on my phone when our food arrived. The stench was hard to miss. I thought that’s pretty much the extent of me trying this food.

But after much coaxing, I finally tried it and oh my gosh, it was delicious. There was just no looking back from there. I realized much later after the meal that South Africa is probably one of the nicer places to try out weird food. Their cuisine is generally delicious in a way that we Indians like and prefer. So in case you are looking to develop your culinary tastes, plan a trip to Africa. You will be surprised at how much the continent has to offer.

As for me, I just turned into a bolder, stronger, independent woman who is not afraid to try something new.



Blah, who am I kidding..that was a one-time thing. No way I am doing that again soon 😛

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