This Is What The Land Of Pandavas Looks Like Right Now

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Land Of Pandavas

I have taken several trips to Uttarakhand in the last one year. But this trip to the land of Pandavas was special. All those years of watching the repeat telecast of Mahabharat…it was all coming to life. I was in awe. After a back-breaking journey from Dehradun, within a couple of hours, we were in the dense hills of Uttarkashi.

The views were breathtaking. My eyes were tearing up but I just wanted to soak it all in. On our way to Hanol, our local temple I started reading up on the place I was about to visit.


But you said it is the Land of Pandavas – Where is that?

P.S. If you don’t know who are the Pandavas, go find any 80s kid and they will tell you!

Tale 1:

Legend has it that when Lord Krishna disappeared at the end of the third yug called Dwapar Yug, the Pandava brothers followed him. They crossed the nearby Tons river and Yudhishtra was in awe of the beauty of the place. He then asked Vishwakarma, the divine architect to build a temple in Hanol for Draupadi. They then decided to stay here for the next nine days.

I don’t blame Yudhishtra. I would have totally asked my divine architect to make me a palace here too. The place is pristine. Air is crisp, it almost feels like the air has magical healing powers. Maybe it does… There is so much positivity in

There is so much positivity in Hanol. It’s hard to put it in words.

Land Of Pandavas

Hanol Temple

Land Of Pandavas

Tale 2:

Duryodhana the main antagonist in Mahabharata makes a plan to burn the Pandava brothers in their castle Laksha Graha also called Lakhamandal on the banks of river Yamuna. Pandavas, however, escape from Laksha Graha. They then go on to spend the next one year in and around Hanol. The area in the picture above.

Fun Fact: The tunnel they escaped from is intact to this day. Like wow, mythology just became a whole lot real, didn’t it?


For anyone interested in refreshing their Mahabharat trivia, I managed to find the whole episode on YouTube. You know you are going to hit play. Come on go on. I won’t judge you.

But I bet you didn’t sit through the whole episode. Wait, you didn’t even sit for a minute. Geez.

Land Of Pandavas

Shhh..don’t tell anyone, I didn’t watch it either 😛


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