I Just Found The Best Weekend Getaway From Gurgaon

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Best Weekend Getaway

Tired of hearing the same old Mussoorie, Jaipur, Gwalior options for a Weekend Getaway? Ever heard of a place called Alwar? I bet not. That was my thought too when Google popped this name up in the 3rd or 4th-page search. Living in Gurgaon, the one advantage is that there are tons of weekend getaway options in and around. The only problem – not much is written about them.

So today, I thought I will share with you about my trip to Alwar, Rajasthan.

Best Weekend Getaway

How far is Alwar from Delhi?

Roughly at about 3 hour distance from the capital, Alwar is the perfect pick if you want to get away from the city unplanned. At least, that is what I and the husband did. We literally looked it up a day or so prior to our trip…and with absolutely no plans, took the car out…popped some supplies for the road and were off.


A Tad-Bit of History of the Place

Dating back to somewhere in 1000AD, the city was primarily ruled by different clans of Rajputs. Something to know about Alwar is that the Hindu King Hemu who was born in a village in the city went on to become the last Hindu emperor of India! Isn’t that a fun fact to know.

The king had defeated Akbar’s Mughal forces in a battle in Delhi and went on to rule the nation for a short stint. The city palace built in the 17th century, hence, is a fine example of the Rajput-Islamic architecture.


What to do in Alwar?

1. Visit the City Palace of Alwar

There is the gorgeous fort of Alwar which looks shabby at the entrance but trust me it is a gem waiting to be found. While the world is going mayhem about Amer Fort which is a short distance away, Alwar has managed to keep its secret intact.


2. Take a short drive to SiliSerh Lake

Best Weekend Getaway

Would you believe me if I tell you there is a ginormous sized lake in the outskirts of the city? It takes you to a European island, I kid you not. At first, we were just brushing off the idea of even visiting the place…only the localities had mentioned the name a few times. But once we got there, oh what a gem of a place.


3. Visit the Sariska National Park

Sariska is home to a number of carnivorous animals mainly the tiger, leopards and wild dogs. They have a 3-hour safari through the park which starts at different time intervals in the wee hours of the morning. Highly recommend you spend your morning here and have their delicious food in their park restaurant.


Do you know of any unexplored Weekend Getaway Locations near your city?

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