One Of The Best Sunday Buffet Spread at Marriott

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Shaadi By Marriott

I was recently in Mumbai for about three weeks to spend time with the family. The husband was back at home working for the most part, so when he came down to Mumbai, we decided to head out for a Sunday Brunch party at Marriott.

Marriott was hosting us for their Shaadi Brunch and it was quite a big fat affair. Brunch was the central theme of the event with a lavish spread from Indian to Continental cuisines. Special focus was laid out on the stall decor for different cultures. It was really pretty.

Ok, now talking specifically about the food, there were tons of dishes that I loved but here are my top favorites.


# There were a gazillion number of chutneys on display

Best Sunday Buffet Spread Marriott

When it comes to food, it’s not just the taste but the show of it that makes all the difference. Weddings are all about pompousness and Shaadi By Marriott brunch just took it up a notch.


# If you are planning a Big Fat Indian Wedding, you can give Marriott a serious consideration

Best Sunday Buffet Spread Marriott

The event was open to all, and I saw a lot of potential brides came in with their families to test out the feel of the place.

Suffice to say that Courtyard by Marriott knows how to throw a memorable wedding. While the focus of this post might be the food, rest assure they had some amazing decor and other wedding tips for all brides and their families.


# Choosing between Desserts and Main Course is always a challenge

Best Sunday Buffet Spread Marriott

No amount of gym session can prepare one for this. Just how can one resist. I was in dessert paradise. From traditional Indian sweets like malpua and various mithaais to complicated MasterChef like contenders, the options were infinite. The only problem, they all tasted delicious !


# Hero Dish of the Day – A Salt Crusted King Fish

Best Sunday Buffet Spread Marriott

Never in my life have I tasted raw fish before. This was a first. The chef insisted I try it, and boy, what a fish. Both I and the husband ended up going for a slice each after tasting the delicious kingfish. It was so good, we decided to skip on the traditional Indian main course.

Interesting bit: The chef told us that the kingfish was entirely coated in almost 2 kilograms of salt and kept over a good day or so to get cooked. Salt was the only ingredient other than the complimenting boiled veggies.


# Leaving you with some more dessert pictures, because they were that good !!

I don’t blame you for hating me at this point in time 🙂



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