Top 10 Things To Do When You Are In Cape Town

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Cape Town

One of the best cities in the world, Cape Town is as magical as I had expected it to be. Even with absolutely no planning, and just a weekend there, I gathered ample know how about the city, the people, the culture and soak in the city’s beauty instantly.

Here’s a list of all that I loved in Cape Town.


#1 Spend an evening at Camps Bay Beach

Cape Town

By far the best beachfront I have seen. Sure, there are tons of awesome pristine clean beaches around the world, but something about Cape Town just stuck. It’s the surrounding that makes the bay look so stunning, especially during the time of sunset. The horizon is magnificent and the feeling is absolutely magical.


#2 Check out the Seals at Mariner’s Wharf

Cape Town

The seals at Mariners Wharf even give you kisses. Now isn’t that worth visiting on that very fact? Honestly, Mariner’s Wharf was probably on my top 3 places to visit in Cape Town. It’s not just about the seals, there’s more. Keep scrolling.


#3 Get up close and personal with the African Penguins at Boulders Beach

Cape Town

Boulder’s Beach has one of the largest number of African Penguins in the open for tourists to visit. You can see them up close and personal in their natural habitat. Some of the penguins are now so used to humans clicking them, that they even stand up and pose. I am not kidding !


#4 Take the Mini Peninsula Tour on an Open Deck Bus

Cape Town

Mini Peninsula Tour basically takes you through the coast of Cape Town. It is an hour or so long drive and it is the best thing about the city. The view is majestic and I wish I could just relive it all over again.


#5 Don’t miss the Cape of Good Hope

Cape Town

The wind is insane at the southwestern tip of the African Continent. Be prepared with your outfit and headgear. The views are amazing, and you will need a good one full day to get here and get back to the main city.


#6 Enjoy the sunset at V & A Waterfront

Cape Town

All the tourist buses and transport starts from V & A Waterfront. There are tons of activities you can do here such as visit the mall, listen to live music, attend local festivals and take a ride on the big Cape Wheel among other things.


#7 Don’t miss the delicious food at the Sea Restaurant at Mariner’s Wharf

Cape Town

Remember I told you there was more to Mariner’s Wharf than just the seals? Just behind us is the best seafood restaurant I have been to. The best part, it was fine dining, yet way too affordable by Indian restaurant standards.


#8 Make sure you take the Walking Tour to Boo-Kaap

Cape Town

A journey through the streets of Boo-Kaap will make you smile throughout. After a terrible beginning for the residents, things have finally looked up after the Apartheid period and the street is a living memory of the past.


#9 Plan your trip to Table Mountain on Day 1 itself

Cape Town

We missed the table mountain trip because of unforeseen showers. It happens a lot in Cape Town, so best to get this sightseeing done with on the first day itself. The road up to table mountain is a great vantage point to capture some of the best views of the city.


#10 Go Shark Cage Diving

Cape Town

We totally missed this opportunity as we didn’t have the time to do it. The shark cage diving experience is a short distance away from Cape Town. You need to prebook the experience and it’s quite expensive too. Think a first-year pass out engineer’s one month salary.



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