The Best South African Food And Why You Will Love It There

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Best South African Food

If you love seafood, cheese, and fine dining, then South African food is heaven for you. We Indians have such complicated taste buds, international cuisines are always a challenge. But good food is good food after all and the food in South Africa is just that.


# Fish & Chips is the staple food. Need I say more?

Best South African Food

At a restaurant in Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg

No matter where you are in South Africa, this is one dish that you will always find on the menu. In fact, there is a food chain by the name of Fishaways which is quite popular there. They have killer fish food in Calamari, Basa, and the country’s favourite fish Hake.

Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of Calamari, I found it a bit chewy. But Basa and Hake are excellent options to go for on a day to day basis.


# Food is super-duper affordable!

Best South African Food

Fine Dine at a restaurant in Lions Park, Johannesburg

No matter how fancy a restaurant you go to, charges per dish don’t go beyond 100 ZAR which is like INR 500. The initial days of our travel, we were quite skeptical about spending big bucks on food. But everywhere we went, our bills came to about INR 1000-1200 for two people, which was a steal deal !


# The juiciest Chicken you will have be it in KFC to Michelin Star restaurants

Best South African Food

At Mariner’s Wharf Restaurant at Cape Town

Now, isn’t that a beauty? I personally don’t take chicken, but this dish was so mouthwatering, it was hard to resist. There is something about the produce in South Africa, their vegetables, the protein it has a taste which is so rich on its own. You hardly just require seasoning and that’s it.


# The Best Place to try out Weird Sea Food

Best South African Food

Lavish Sea Food Dinner at Monte Casino, Johannesburg. Can you make out where the squids are on our plates?

All those times when you thought Thailand is the place to try out weird foods, South Africa is a good alternative especially when the weird food tastes superbly delicious !

The craziest thing we tried one night after losing a significant amount of money in a casino was squids pakoda! At first, its stench was unbearable, but after some coaxing, when I finally tried it…oh gosh, best thing ever. We tried the baby squids, not raw..completely cooked…it was delicious like hell.


Have you experimented with any weird food items that you end up loving later?

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