Why Kanasar Should Be On Your Travel Wish List This Year

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Looking for an exotic Weekend Getaway? Koti Kanasar is the perfect pick for the upcoming winters. Located at a distance of 25kms from Chakrata, this gorgeous hill station is pretty much unexplored. If you are a nature lover, you are going to love this place. Here’s why:


# The place is covered with dense forest all around


One of the largest and most famous cedar trees can be found at the Kanasar Grove north of Chakrata; this is the largest individual, signed as 6.35 m in girth. Kanasar is surrounded by one of the best-rated Deodar forests of Asia.

I haven’t seen trees this tall anywhere before. Normally when you are traveling through the hills in the north, you would see those wild pine and deodar trees all around, but standing next to them is a whole new world. They are so beautiful, the feeling is totally surreal.


# It’s the perfect spot for a Family Picnic


Start early in the day keeping Chakrata as your base camp. One can also return back to Dehradun by evening, but mind you, it’ll be a long ride back home.

You are tired of the same old travel destinations that zillions of people have visited. You want to try out a new place, but don’t know which one. Well, Kanasar is your answer.

Koti Kanasar has a plain stretch of land surrounded by trees all around. It’s the perfect place to have a family picnic while soaking in the beauty of the area. Carry a nice picnic basket, with a Frisby and some other games to play. Pack up some sandwiches and sunglasses, and you will have the most chilled out day ever.


# The journey to Kanasar is the most scenic route ever !

Choosing the right time to visit this area is the key to enjoying it to the fullest. Avoid the peak winter seasons of January to February, the place gets really cold. But months of November and December are the ideal time to enjoy the North winters.

We started from Chakrata early morning, and the views were breathtaking. If you are a true traveler, you would agree with me that most often the journey is what matters and not the destination. Luckily for me, the destination was equally fascinating.


# The drive to Kanasar will remind some of you of Edward & Bella



Anybody a twilight fan here?


# It’s almost an isolated location.


In Kanasar, the average annual temperature is 13.9 °C to 15 °C. The lowest the temperature can go up to 3 or 4°C in the peak season of winters.

Lately, several biker gangs are traveling around Chakrata, but that is also relatively rare. So, in case you are looking for an isolated unexplored destination for your next road trip, Kanasar won’t disappoint you.


# There are tons of Adventure Sports going on in the area


From rock climbing to hiking, trekking, and even valley crossing, all the adrenaline rush seekers will find this place quite suitable to their tastes. For the rest of us, just enjoy the weather and the view. It is totally worth it.

Kanasar has a forest rest house for those of you who wish to stay back for a night or two.



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